Welcome Survivors

Welcome Survivors.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Truth About The Real Zombie Threat

There is an ever increasing trend in the "pseudo-survivalist" community that claims the real threat to humanity and our survival as a species will come in the form of zombies. Pop culture defines a zombie as reanimated dead. Any half intelligent person knows that isn't possible, but not as far from reality as one might think.
Travel with me now to the not so distant future as we see the collapse of modern society, the breakdown of government, the ecological disaster caused by human irresponsibility and the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI). No more utilities, grocery stores, supply chains of any sort and what happens after the initial chaos? Starvation on a global proportion and in quick time. Government agencies and so called "Survival Experts" recommend having 72 hours worth of provisions on hand and at the ready in case of emergency. So what happens when your 3 day supply runs out? According to these "Experts" and agencies, you should expect to be rescued and cared for by the same government agencies that helped out after Katrina and are getting involved in the BP oil spill. I think we can all agree that when "The Big One" hits whatever that may be, you can depend on the government to do the same thing it always does. Show up late, be under prepared and try to logistically organize a pseudo relief effort. After hurricane Ike it took 3 days for FEMA just to show up in our neighborhood with MRE's, bottled water, tarps and blankets to comfort us in 100 degree heat and excessive humidity. They did bring lots of ice though which was a welcome treat if you could survive the long wait in line in the a fore mentioned heat and humidity. The only thing you can depend on to survive an emergency is you and the preparations you have made. So imagine if you will being a survivalist with stockpiles of rations, water, food, weapons and ammunition all hunkered down and ready to defend it all as the remaining surviving "sheep" of the planet begin to starve to death. They will be pale, frail and weak, not unlike classic Hollywood zombies. They will most assuredly be very ill from malnutrition and chronic dehydration showing dark circle under their eyes not unlike Hollywood zombies. They will feed on whatever they can get their slow moving hands on be it animal, vegetable, garbage or fellow zombie. These zombie like neighbors will indeed resemble their Hollywood namesakes in a lot of ways and we survivalists who were smart enough to prepare will have few options in dealing with them. I think we all know what that means and it isn't at all a pleasant scene but a possibility none the less. So while we clean our guns and rotate our rations, the sheep of this planet may look at us differently, maybe even awkwardly, but at least they aren't looking at us on the menu yet. We can look at them differently now too. Through our high powered scopes is one way to see them or we can look at them with compassion and urge them to think ahead, educate themselves and start preparing for what we all hope never happens. Remember, it is better to have and not need than to need and not have.
Have you hugged a zombie today?
God bless,
Doc Savage